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Teeth whitening services in Bowen Hills

Get the white smile you’ve always wanted and enhance your confidence with teeth whitening services from Showground Dental. Our team offers two forms of teeth whitening – a take-home whitening kit and a 2-hour in-office whitening session.


Take-home teeth whitening kit

When you choose the take-home whitening kit, you get an easy-to-use whitening treatment. Your dentist will provide you with custom-made whitening trays, gels and a jump start session in the surgery with a higher concentration whitening gel. This way, you can control the whitening of your teeth at home and in your own time while still getting the benefits that only a dentist can provide.

In-office tooth whitening session

Alternatively, the two-hour in-office whitening session is a no-fuss way to get an instant result. It will provide an incredibly white smile to suit your colouring and other features. When you choose in-office whitening, you get a healthier smile, too. This is because your dentist already knows all about the health history of your teeth. Your whitening treatment will be tailored to any individual needs that you have, including sensitivity or previous dental work.

Types of whitening services we offer

We are currently offering specials on Zoom ($699) and Pola Office ($450) whitening packages. The Phillips Zoom tooth whitening service is unique because it is tailored by your dentist and customised to suit your needs.

Pola Office is known for its effectiveness and it is more gentle on the teeth. You can speak with your dentist about the treatment that is right for you, your teeth and your budget.

The causes of stained teeth

Aside from age, trauma, some medications and the breakdown of enamel, there are many lifestyle choices that cause teeth discolouration. Smoking stains your teeth severely in a way that can’t be brushed away. In addition, the consumption of highly coloured foods and drinks, like coffee, dark soft drinks, red wine and tea can cause discolouration of teeth.

Read more about how to keep your teeth white.

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