Benefits of Invisalign

Having crooked teeth can be more than just embarrassing. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean, which could eventually cause periodontal, or gum disease.

To correct your teeth, you’ll need braces. However, traditional braces can be even more embarrassing than your crooked teeth. If you’re looking for a discreet way to straighten your teeth, Invisalign is an incredible option. While they may be the more expensive option, their many benefits, including aesthetic appeal, comfort and safety make them well worth it. Here are some of the benefits of Invisalign braces.

Nicer Appearance

The main reason that anyone goes for Invisalign is because they are invisible braces. They provide all of the tooth-correcting benefits of traditional braces without the awkward and unattractive aesthetic. How does Invisalign achieve this? The treatment involves the patient wearing a series of transparent, customised trays that slowly realign teeth.

Adults especially would prefer this barely noticeable set of braces to metal ones that can get food stuck in them constantly. You’ll look like you aren’t even wearing braces at all.

Much More Comfortable

One of the main complaints about metal braces is the discomfort and pain. Once metal braces are attached to your teeth, there they shall stay until they are professionally removed. Invisalign, on the other hand, is removable, so you may easily remove them for any reason for brief periods of time, like to eat or drink.

Safer in Your Mouth

Conventional metal braces are made up of wire and bits of metal than can protrude and puncture or scratch the insides of the mouth and gums. By contrast, clear braces are smooth and comfortable. In addition, clear braces can reduce the damage that is normally caused by traditional braces, including gum disease and cavities. This is in part because it is much more difficult to efficiently clean teeth with metal braces on them. You can simply remove Invisalign braces when you need to floss and brush. In addition, the great deal of force traditional braces use to straighten your teeth can affect demineralisation and decaying teeth.

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