Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth are third molars found at the very back corners of the jaws, generally coming through from the late teens to early twenties. Depending on the size and direction the wisdom teeth points towards, they are commonly found to be stuck causing impaction, subsequently not being able to grow through the gums completely.

A wisdom tooth may require removal for one or more of the following reasons:

⦁  infection of the surrounding gum (pericoronitis)

⦁  dental decay

⦁  poor angulation causing irritation to the cheek or tongue

⦁  difficulty with cleaning

⦁  pre- or post-orthodontic treatment (braces)

At Showground Dental, Dr Albert Lin has a special interest in wisdom teeth extraction and handles most of our patients with wisdom teeth problem from consultation to treatment. If you do feel rather anxious or nervous with surgical dental procedures, we have oral sedation treatments such as the Green Whistle (penthrox) or Happy Gas (nitrous oxide) on site to assist with your needs.