If you or someone you know is having a dental emergency, it can be hard to know what to do. There may be bleeding or severe pain depending on the problem.  Sometimes, the wait and see approach can do more harm than good.  If you know what to do in a dental emergency, you are more likely to feel confident and prepared should you need to help someone you know or help yourself. Preventing emergencies is best, but that doesn’t mean they won’t happen!  Read our handy guide below so you’re prepared:


Identify if the Dental Problem Is an Emergency

Before you rush into an emergency, it’s important to be able to identify whether the issue at hand can wait until your regular appointment with a dentist or if it needs to be seen to immediately. A dental emergency left too long can have a significant impact on both your dental health and your overall health. The following is usually considered a dental emergency:

  • A tooth has been knocked out
  • You or someone you know is in extreme dental pain
  • There are cuts or lacerations inside the mouth
  • There is severe swelling of any part of the gums

What Should You Do In A Dental Emergency?

If you have identified that the situation is an emergency, then the best thing to do is:

  • Stay calm: Staying calm allows you to make rational decisions and also means you can communicate effectively with your dentist
  • Bring removed teeth to the dentist: If you were injured and your teeth were knocked out, bring them to your dentist in a cup of cold milk if possible
  • Don’t use aspirin: Aspirin, particularly soluble aspirin can irritate or burn gum tissue. Avoid using it in a dental emergency and instead, try swallowing regular paracetamol to ease the pain.
  • Contact your emergency dentist immediately

If you are in a dental emergency, contact Showground Dental for a consultation and dentistry advice. We provide access to emergency dental care 6 days a week and can offer you advice and procedures by appointment in the evenings.

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