Oral hygiene habits start early. Print off this interactive brushing tool to encourage a good brushing routine for your child…


Brushing your teeth twice daily can be a habit hard to maintain. Busy mornings and day-to-day activities can often leave oral hygiene in the backseat. But how did we initially learn how often or how long to brush for? Did the ‘2 minutes daily, twice a day’ come from the dentist? Promotion activities learnt in Primary School? Our parents, carers, siblings?

Habits like these are developed from an early age and it really is up to the carer of the child to encourage and promote oral hygiene practices.

As a current dental student, I have created this tooth- brushing template for children which aids in oral hygiene habits as part of an assessment piece and thought it would be helpful to share.



Although depending on the child, parent-assisted brushing can begin quite early. Often there is a rule that when the child can tie their own shoelaces, independent brushing can begin. This can range from 5-7 years old – around beginning Primary School time.

The ideal use of this take-home activity is to have the sheet in the bathroom to tick off each brushing. This sheet can be laminated for waterproof properties and also provides the flexibility to keep the sheet as an ongoing activity if a white-board marker is used. Just write the date at the start of each week and at the very end the child can ‘Count their Smiles’.


Having a physical record for the parent/carer and child to fill in creates an incentive to work together to complete a task. If practised from an early age, habits can be actioned and retained throughout life. This sheet is equally, if not more, important for parents to understand the importance of oral health and pass it onto their children.

I hope this fun sheet can encourage more smiles in the family, just set a 2 minute timer and let us know how it goes!