We all want a healthier smile. Even if we’re not actively thinking about it, if someone asked us if we wanted a healthier smile, we’d say yes. In order to get a healthier smile, we need to listen to the advice of dental professionals. Here are some professional tips and suggestions on personal habits that are the secrets to a healthier smile.

As an adult, the standard two checkups a year may not be enough

Gasp! You mean to tell me that even if I’m amazing enough to have scheduled my two regular, bi-annual checkups and cleanings, that it still not be enough for a healthier smile? Yes, unfortunately.

The twice a year visit is usually covered by most dental plans, but adults should be seeing their dentist twice that amount if they really want a healthier smile. Bacteria continues to grow in our mouths whether we like it or not. After three months, the bacteria that has been cleaned out of your mouth by the dentist at your check-up has recolonised and poses a threat to your health and wellbeing. That’s why the real recommended regular visits to the dentist are every three months.

The dentist shouldn’t hurt

Many people don’t like going to the dentist because they are afraid of the pain. Those people are either living in a past virtual reality that lacks novocaine, or their dentist isn’t as liberal with the pain meds as he or she should be.

Nowadays, nearly every aspect of discomfort can be managed, so if your dentist isn’t taking those steps, address the issue. No amount of pain or discomfort should keep you from having a healthy mouth and smile.

The pain means you’re too late

Sorry to say this, but pain is only a symptom of something bigger, like an infection. If you’re feeling the pain, it means that the bacteria has built up in your gums or in a cavity to the point that it has caused infection, which causes inflammation, which is your body’s attempt at self-protection. Inflammation often pushes against nerves, which then causes the pain. So you see, if you’re hurting, it means that something bad has already set in.

Dental floss is so much more important than you want it to be

We get it. Flossing sucks. It’s tedious, it’s gross, it’s uncomfortable, and you can’t even really tell that it’s done anything after you’ve done it. At least when you brush your teeth, you feel all minty and clean after. Unfortunately, your dentist hasn’t been telling you lies. Flossing gets after some of the worst bacteria, attacking 50% of the bacteria in your mouth that causes everything from cavities to tooth decay to gingivitis to heart disease. We don’t care how cool your electric toothbrush is. If it doesn’t get between the teeth, it’s only doing half the job.

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