No one likes the dentist. It’s a little uncomfortable as we lie, mouth open, on the chair. But for some people, their dislike is much stronger. Why is hatred or fear of the dentist so common amongst adults and kids alike? And what can you do to address it? Keep reading to find out.


The Invasiveness

Many people’s fear of the dentist stems from the inherent invasiveness of the process. Whether you’re just coming in for a clean or a more complex procedure like a root canal, you can’t avoid the dentist or hygienist leaning over and putting their hands right in your mouth. This can understandably feel like an invasion of personal space. To combat this, make sure you find a dentist that is gentle, respectful and aware of your comfort levels so you don’t feel violated.


Loss of Control

Dental procedures can be really hard for people who like to be in control, as you can feel very vulnerable lying back in the chair. It’s a psychological thing that many of us experience on some level, and the dentist can truly personify our fears of losing control. The best way to address this is to find a dentist that is willing to communicate with you. Ask that they explain each step of the appointment or procedure to you, so you know what to expect and you understand why it’s necessary. Putting knowledge in your hands can make you feel more in control.



No one likes needs, especially when they’re being stuck in your mouth. But for some people they’re a major phobia, and a reason for avoiding the dentist. The good news is, many dental procedures are now minimally invasive. If that doesn’t quell your fears, make sure you talk to your dentist. Don’t suffer in silence – if they know the extent of your distaste, many dentists can talk you through alternative options to needles without subjecting you to a lot of pain.


The Cost

There’s no getting around it, the dentist can be very expensive which is a big turn off. Not everyone would agree that the end result is worth it. But, your teeth are for life and the importance of dental hygiene shouldn’t be underestimated. Ensuring you spend money on regular check-ups will save you pain and much, much more money for corrective procedures later on.


If any of these rings true for you, we encourage you to make an appointment at Showground Dental to discuss your fears or hesitations. We can work through these issues with you to find a dental solution that works for your needs.