Are you sick of seeing yellowed teeth when you look in the mirror in the morning? Years of drinking coffee, tea and red wine takes its toll on most of us and for some, making that smile pearly white again is really important. But, with so many teeth whitening products on the market these days, which is the right decision to get the results you want? Keep reading for our guide on home teeth whitening kits vs professional teeth whitening at your local dentist.


Home Teeth Whitening


 LED Teeth Whitening Kits

 LED teeth whitening is all the rage on social media these days – but does it really work? Kits usually include a whitening gel that is put in a rubber mouthpiece, then activated by an LED light attachment. Companies claim that you can achieve much whiter teeth quickly and easily, without the nasty chemicals that are found in other commercial whitening products. The products are advertised as being great for sensitive teeth, which is a major draw for some. Reviews for these products are generally positive, but with some people claiming they didn’t see a big difference in the colour of their teeth. This method is not scientifically proven, and for a relatively pricey product, we recommend doing your research before purchasing one of these LED whitening kits.


Activated Charcoal Treatment

Similar to the LED whitening kits, activated charcoal is all the rage when it comes to at-home teeth whitening. The major advertising point is that it’s all natural, with no chemicals that could harm the outer coating of your teeth. Most products come as a jet-black powder that you dip your toothbrush into, and brush once a day for whiter teeth. While the reviews are positive, there is little research to back up advertisers’ claims. The science behind using activated charcoal for teeth whitening is there, however many dentists believe it is only useful in removing surface stains. To remove older stains that are deeper in the tooth, a visit to the dentist is probably necessary.


Whitening Strips and Toothpaste

In 2018, whitening strips and toothpaste have really become the old-fashioned method of whitening your teeth. However, many people still opt for the tried and true whitening toothpaste, with many pastes on the market incorporating whitening ingredients. Similar to the activated charcoal method, these products can be good at removing surface stains between visits to the dentist. Strips and toothpaste do contain hydrogen peroxide in small amounts, usually about 3%. This has the potential to damage the coating on your teeth if used incorrectly.


Professional Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened professionally is arguably the quicker and safer option. These treatments use much higher levels of hydrogen peroxide, however you are in the hands of a professional dentist who knows exactly how to administer the chemicals properly. A good dentist will evaluate your teeth to tell you the most appropriate course of action and will ensure your teeth and gums are protected from any short or long-term damage. As a result, the safe use of hydrogen peroxide can give you the dazzling smile you’ve been hoping for in just a couple of hours. The chemicals can penetrate the teeth to budge those deeper stains. Most patients are happy with the results of one single treatment, that can last a year depending on your lifestyle.


The friendly dental professionals at Showground Dental would be happy to talk through the teeth whitening process with you and discuss your options. And remember, regular trips to your local dentist will help keep those pesky surface stains from things like red wine and tea away so your teeth will stay whiter for longer.