All health funds are accepted. We are Members Choice provider for Medibank Private, CBHS, HCF and If you are with any of the above-mentioned healthfunds you will receive a higher rebate on your health fund by coming to us.

Students and pensioners will receive a 10% discount.

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Looking after your child’s teeth is crucial to ensure that they have good oral health in their adult life and can prevent a whole range of issues such as cavities, bad gums and worn or broken teeth. In a way it is an investment in his or her health that will be well worth it. A good place to start will be setting an example for your child, take care of your own teeth and get them into the routine of a 6 monthly check up at a young age so later on the idea of the dentist isn’t such a scary thought.

Since January 2014, Medicare introduced Child Dental Benefit Scheme to replace the existing Teen Dental Voucher. For eligible children between 2-17 years old, it covers up to $1000 in benefits for any basic dental treatment for over two consecutive calendar years. The eligibility will be predetermined at the start of each calendar year. If you are unsure about your eligibility we can help you with any enquiries or you can call Medicare general enquires.

Some of the services that will receive benefits under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme include: check-up, cleaning, X-rays, fissure sealing, fillings, extractions, root canal and partial dentures. Cosmetic or orthodontic treatments are not included in the scheme.

To make the dental visits more relaxing for your little ones we can also offer Happy gas which will be covered in the scheme.