There are many myths and misconceptions around flossing.  While some people think that flossing is important to prevent future oral health problems, others may think that it’s unnecessary.  So is flossing useless or even harmful to your teeth? In this article, we’ll separate fact from fiction when it comes to this important practice.

MYTH #1 – Flossing Can Damage Previous Dental Work
There is a misconception that flossing can damage previous dental work such as crowns, veneers, fillings and more.  However, flossing cannot do harm or loosen dental work.  If something is loosened via flossing, then the most likely cause would be an existing problem, and not the floss itself.

MYTH #2 – If You Floss Regularly You Will End Up with Large Gaps between Your Teeth

Flossing regularly will mean you are removing food and plaque build-up between your teeth, which may make it look like there is a small gap between your teeth. This isn’t because your teeth are being moved by flossing, but rather, flossing is showing the natural state of your smile. A gap is certainly better than a cavity between your teeth, which may develop if you don’t floss and brush regularly.

MYTH #3 – All Floss Is the Same

While many floss brands are similar, it is worth considering which type of floss will suit your needs. Some floss is made for flossing around braces or plates, while others are better for hard to reach places. Chat to your dentist about the best type of floss for you.

MYTH #4 – You Should Stop Flossing If It Makes Your Gums Bleed

It’s true that flossing may make your gums bleed. However, you will need to address the underlying reason behind your gums bleeding, which isn’t the flossing itself. Bleeding gums can be an indication of unhealthy gums due to disease, plaque build-up and more. Regular flossing, along with other dental care, will help prevent bleeding gums, rather than make them worse.

MYTH #5 – Brushing Your Teeth Is Enough for Good Dental Health

It is often believed that if you have the right toothbrush and an excellent brushing technique, you have good dental hygiene. However, no matter how efficient your brushing is, it cannot clean between teeth like flossing can, and that can often be where cavities form.

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